What is the City Electric Aggregation Program?

Under the City Electric Aggregation Program, the City acted on behalf of its electricity consumers to select an electricity supply provider who is able to secure electricity at competitive prices. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio "PUCO" has taken steps to ensure that Ohio's competitive electricity environment is consumer-friendly.

Voters in the City approved this aggregation program and the City Council passed an ordinance adopting this Electric Aggregation program. The City has selected AEP Energy as their preferred electricity supply provider to serve their residents and small businesses for twenty-four (24) months beginning with the July 2023 meter-read date.

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1. What is the City Electric Aggregation Program?
2. Who is AEP Energy?
3. Why did the City select AEP Energy as its provider?
4. How do I enroll?
5. When will this program start?
6. What is my price?
7. Where do I send payment?
8. Is budget billing available?
9. Can I cancel at any time?
10. What happens at the end of the program?
11. What happens if I move?
12. What is renewable energy?