Bicycle Transportation Task Force

The Bicycle Task Force meets as needed.


  • James Daniels
  • Richie Cohen-Smith
  • Mark Davidson
  • Joey Hoffman
  • Hayley Ingram
  • Dan Starcher
  • Josh Stamper
  • Mike Tampurages
  • Sam Clark, Park Board
  • Ted Berry, Ex-Officio Member
  • Cindi Fitzpatrick, Public Service Director
  • Stephen Smith, Jr., Law Director
  • Tami Kelly, Clerk of Council

A nine-member board is working to expand the bike path and trail system within the community and region.


The Task Force encourages bicycling for recreation and as an essential transportation option realizing economic, environmental and health benefits.

  • View Resolution CR-03-23 Bicycle Task Force legislation.
  • City Council and the Service and Development departments are completing Bicycle Friendly America accreditation
    • View Resolution CR-04-23 – Bicycle Friendly Community.