Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry Division is responsible for the City's approximately 12,000 public trees. Responsibilities include:

  • Planting, maintenance and removal of all trees in the City right-of-way (street trees).
  • Review, approval and inspections of vegetative plantings and trees at new residential commercial, industrial sites, as required by the Grove City Planning Commission.
  • Maintenance includes pruning, disease control, removals and storm damage repairs.

Report storm or other damage to our public trees at 614-277-1100, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm.

Tree Care

When new public trees are planted, the City requests assistance from residents with mulching and watering the first year the tree is planted:

  • Place hardwood mulch or "Com-Til" around the trunk area 1½ inches to 2½ inches deep every two years after May 1.
  • Do not "volcano mulch" heaping mounds of mulch against the trunk.
    • This restricts air flow, blocks water from the roots, and keeps the trunk damp increasing the risk of insects, fungi, bacteria and wood rot.

Grove City Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is a subcommittee of the Grove City Beautification Committee. The goal of the Grove City Tree Commission is to facilitate the comprehensive municipal urban forestry program and enhance the quality of life for all Grove City residents.

  • Each volunteer member is appointed by the Mayor and serves for a three-year term.
  • The commission meets the second Friday of every month at the Gantz Farmhouse, 2255 Home Road, from 7am to 8 am.
  • These meetings are open to the public.

Grove City is a Tree City USA

The Arbor Day Foundation named Grove City a Tree City USA community for the 30th consecutive year.

  • The Tree City USA award recognizes more than 3,500 communities nationwide, with a combined population of 150 million that meet tree conservation goals as part of their community forestry program, recognizing trees are assets to the community.
  • For more information email or call 614-277-1100.