Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA)


Grove City Town Center Designated Outdoor Area (Dora) & How It Works

Patrons age 21 and older may purchase and enjoy an alcoholic beverage from a liquor-permitted establishment; then sip, stroll, shop, and explore within Dora boundaries of Grove City’s historic Town Center.

  • Request a DORA-designated cup before you leave a liquor-permitted establishment with alcohol.
  • Only beverages in Dora cups are permitted and exempt from Grove City’s open-container laws. No cans or bottles are permitted within DORA.

DORA Hours

2 pm to midnight, daily

Excluded during these events:

  • Boo Off Broadway
  • Christmas Celebration and Parade

You Can

  • Purchase an alcoholic drink in a specially marked DORA cup at a DORA-designated establishment.
  • Take a Dora drink into an establishment that does not have a liquor license. A business owner/operator who does not permit DORA drinks will display such signage.

You Cannot

  • Bring your own alcoholic beverages into the Town Center.
  • Walk around with an alcoholic drink not in a designated Dora cup (no cans or glasses permitted).
  • Take a beverage purchased from one liquor-permitted Dora establishment, into another liquor-permitted establishment. You must dispose of your previously purchased Dora cup/beverage before entering another liquor-permitted establishment.

Where To Purchase DORA Beverages

Current DORA-authorized establishments include:

  • Blu Willy’s
  • Grandstand Pizza
  • Grove City Brewing Co.
  • Hop Yard 62
  • Local Cantina
  • Novacaine Lounge
  • Plank’s on Broadway
  • Plum Run Winery
  • Town Center PubDORA_District_1021-300x230
  • Zassy’s Taproom


The map (PDF) designates the boundaries of the DORA (perimeter signs in place) and the liquor-permitted Dora establishments.