Legal Notices

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The final estimated assessments of the cost of constructing certain sidewalks in the City of Grove City, Ohio, for certain parcels on Addison Drive, Angela Drive, Eleanor Avenue, Haughn Road, Kingston Avenue, Parlin Drive, and Reaver Avenue, as provided in Resolution CR-12-23, adopted the sixth day of March 2023, have been made and are now on file for inspection by interested persons in the office of the Clerk of Council for the City of Grove City.

Any objections to said estimated assessments must be filed, in writing, in the office of the Clerk of Council on or before March 15, 2024.

By Order of the Council of the City of Grove City, Ohio
Tami Kelly, CMC, Clerk of Council

View the Feb. 26 Board of Zoning Appeals Legal Notice (PDF).

  • Public Legal Notices are a critical element of a proven legal process where notification of actions or pending actions by the City of Grove City are provided to citizens and taxpayers.
  • The Grove City Charter Section 2.11 requires the publication of ordinances for 10 days on the City website.

For more information contact Tami Kelly, City Council Clerk by phone at 614-277-3065 or by email at the City Council Page.