About City Council


Council Members: Ted Berry, Ward 1; Randy Holt, Ward 2; President Christine Houk, Ward 3; Melissa Anderson, Ward 4; Rodney Dew, Ward 5; Jodi Burroughs, At-large and Mark Sigrist, At-large

There are seven elected members of the City Council:

  • One member from each of the five wards, and two at-large.
  • Members serve four-year, overlapping terms.
  • Council elects a member President and appoints a Clerk of Council.
  • Council President assigns chairs to the following committees Safety, Service, Lands and Zoning, and Finance.
  • Access the Ward Map.

Council Duties

  • Enact legislation.
  • Appropriate funds.
  • Establish and define the duties of administrative departments, agencies, boards and commissions.
  • Adopt the Annual Appropriation Ordinance.

Find the Powers of Council in City Charter.