About Building & Zoning

Building and Zoning Codes assist in keeping the community safe and appealing.

The division reviews building plans and issues permits for all construction and:

  • Inspects both new and existing buildings to ensure they are constructed to plan and maintained properly.
  • Regulates land use through zoning, working closely with the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Oversees development within the City's floodplains, ensuring federal regulations are met and waterways will not increase flood risks anywhere in Grove City or neighboring communities.
  • Regulates signage throughout the City and issues sign permits to ensure compliance with the City’s sign code.

Property owners are encouraged to check the division's list of registered contractors.

Building Permits

The building permit process must begin through the Building Division online portal.

For more information, contact the Building Division or call 614-277-3075.